A Benevolent Hoax

My Dear Reader, I'm afraid I've got some bad news. You've been scammed. This is it, right here. You're stuck, fucked, and out of luck, and there's nowhere for you to go short of complete and utter annihilation. The thing you've been seeking — the "Truth", "enlightenment", "awakening", "freedom", your "True Self" — is not the … Continue reading A Benevolent Hoax


Is your Rabbi a mindfulness master?

In Judaism there is something called the yetzer hara, which all boys and girls in Orthodox schools learn about at an early age. In some ways analogous to the concept of Original Sin found in Christianity, the yetzer hara can be thought of as the human inclination to commit evil. This is in contrast to the … Continue reading Is your Rabbi a mindfulness master?

The Enlightenment Olympics Has No Medals

There are few things in this world more boring than listening to two people argue about their respective enlightenments. Imagine if every time you went to the gym, you overheard your fellow gym goers bicker about which one of them was the most fit. Furthermore, imagine if this bickering consisted of each person taking turns … Continue reading The Enlightenment Olympics Has No Medals

The Buddhist Stages of (non-meditative) Insight – Part 1

In the Theravada Buddhist tradition, there is a lot of talk about the meditative stages of insight. Strangely enough, Western Buddhist teachers - even those who have extensively trained in Theravada - rarely speak clearly about these stages. Apparently there is some sort of taboo around discussing the subject in public, and there has been … Continue reading The Buddhist Stages of (non-meditative) Insight – Part 1